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Melee diamonds make a beautiful compliment to a larger center diamond and can take a plain, simple ring and make it dazzle. Melee diamonds are what make custom fine jewelry looks sparkling.
When buying melee diamonds, you need to be careful of it’s clarity and authenticity. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting low-grade melee diamonds, or worse yet, diamond chips. Onlineddd.com is a place to buy authentic loose diamond melee we acquire directly from diamond cutters.


Melee diamonds are tiny diamonds used in diamond jewelry, often used to accentuate a single center stone on an engagement ring.
The little diamonds used for settings like a halo, pavé or channel setting? These are almost always melee diamonds.
Officially, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) defines melee diamonds as diamonds that are less than 0.2 Carats. While this is the biggest melee diamonds get, they can come as small as 0.001 carats.
A melee diamond is very small and thus not much on its own. However, a group of melee diamonds clustered together can add a stunning sparkle to an otherwise plain ring. These are available in VS/SI/VVS clarity and full white and while colors.


Melee diamonds are often cut the same way as larger brilliant cut diamonds. Many melees will appear exactly like a scaled-down version of the kind of round brilliant diamond that would be used as a center stone.

Single Cut vs. Full Cut

Most melee diamonds are cut the same way as larger diamonds. This produces a finished product with 57-58 facets, a perfect downsized version of the kind of diamonds used as center stones.
These are known as Full Cut melees. There is another type of melee diamond known as Single Cut. These are produced through much simpler cutting methods, and only have 17 facets – 8 on the crown, 8 on the pavilion, plus the table. Single Cut melees don’t have the fire and sparkle that a Full Cut Brilliant diamond has.
Today, Single Cut diamonds are rarely used. Modern diamond cutting technology has advanced to the point that there is little reason to produce Single Cut melee diamonds. Thus the overwhelming majority of melee diamonds are Full Cut melees.



As with larger diamond cuts, the price of a melee diamond depends on the quality of the cut and the size of the diamond. As melee diamonds are much smaller diamonds, they are not very valuable individually.
Melee diamonds are rarely, if ever, sold individually or commercially. They are usually bundled in parcels containing hundreds of small diamonds and sold wholesale to jewelry designers or repairers.
In order to solve the issue of buying in a bulk parcel, we are selling loose melee diamond in quantity sized as low as 25 quantity. We deal mostly in full white VS & VVS diamonds. We work directly with diamond cutters make our prices more competitive to the market. We have ready stock available to ship very next day in a sealed content box directly to you doorstep. We acquire the best melee diamond in bulk in wholesale and ship to our customers across USA.


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