About Us

We are driven by values

OnlineDDD.com is a subsidiary of Sun Diamond International, Inc and we deals mostly in melee diamond and custom jewelry. Since working closely with jewelers across USA since 1997, we came us with our online venture.

Since these business operations is done in very family based environment in India and here in the USA, you are getting the best of best at the best prices possible lowest.

We focus on our energy only and only small sizes diamonds. and only on VS, SI1, SI2 And I1 categories. Between this sizes from 0.9 Millimeter to 2.7 Millimeters. That’s why we are completely expert and focused on one product only. Which is the main product for creating a custom piece of jewelry.

Like any other diamond dealers online or offline we are not doing many diamond sizes and different colors and all that we are focused only on Star Melee sizes that you can order in required quantity. And we take a pride that we are the number one company online to present such kind of solution to jewelers.

We have unique & fastest manufacturing process, our skilled labors and engineers provide best cut and polished diamond with millimeter perfection in every diamond.

Our Story

We are third generation family of diamond cutters and polishers based in Surat India.

We have operations in India under the Sun Diamond’s Pvt Ltd And we have office in Detroit Michigan. So we facilitate the shipping from the USA under Sun Diamonds incorporation. Diamond cutting processing is done with skilled labor based in Surat, where assortment is also done in a very strict environment and diamonds are sealed in a transparent foil sheet so that no lab grown diamonds are a mixed which is a big problem these days. Your peace of mind with our product that this is all natural only.

By having a base of manufacturing in India and distribution in USA, Midwest America. We have an edge to supply required diamonds only on next day delivery. So you don’t have to invest money in large parcels and at the same time you are getting no middle man. So you get a better prices.