100% Natural Melee Diamonds

We are USA based loose Diamond Star & Melee Supplier Who Meets Your Exact Specification and requirements. Gone the days of ordering large parcel in bulk quantity. You can order only want you want for a specific custom jewelry requirement.

We specialize in supplying diamond melee of unsurpassed quality. Our in-house experts execute each order with meticulous care, ensuring you purchase and receive stones that meet your exact specifications. No rejections. No simulations. No lab-grown imposters. Just the highest quality diamond melee in the industry. This is our promise to you.

Whether you need to purchase several precision cut stones to complete an intricate, custom-designed halo engagement melee ring, or you are interested in buying wholesale melee diamonds to create a wide array of jewelry pieces, the K. Rosengart team draws upon an incredible depth of inventory — and expertise — to deliver promptly, precisely, and consistently. With a large range of qualities and price points, you can be confident you are purchasing exceptional, accurately sized diamonds according to your tolerance preferences.

  1. Buy in M.M. Sizes Only What You Need
  2. Sealed Transparently Delivered At Your Door Next Day
  3. GIA Verified 100% Natural Diamond
  4. Free 2nd Day Shipping on all Orders
  5. Consistency in Grading Disciplined Dedication
  6. Most Competative Prices

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